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Buy Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus with Instant Delivery at WEEWLE

Microsoft Office 2019 is actually the latest standalone release of this popular suite from Microsoft. It keeps the core of 2016 while bringing some tweaks and additions to improve the day-by-day user experience. At Software Planet, we support tight budgets, so you can buy an Office 2019 key for cheap which still comes with Microsoft support.

We already know that the best efforts from MS are put into its own subscription service (Office 365) but not all the customers are still pleased with this model, so they are also in need to provide a one-time fee release after the years, incorporating the latest characteristics to keep all kind of users satisfied. The newest features are first implemented in 365, but end up being integrated into the standalone version.

Get started with Office 2019

In Office 2019, while editing a document you can add SVG graphics into Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. For instance, vector graphics have the advantage that you can easily move, rotate, resize, and colorize them without altering the fidelity of the image. An icon button is available at the Ribbon interface, where you can access a popular variety of SVG icons. If you need to improve the fanciness of your documents and make them look less dull, this is a quick and practical way to get it done.

Another feature that comes in is the Microsoft Translator Built-In support. This is not a new tool, but now comes integrated into your essential applications. You can find this by going to the review tab. There, you have the chance to translate an entire document or just a specific section.

Office provides access to a library of icons in black-and-white style. You can select them by going to Insert > Icons. There’s a wide variety of them, and you can insert them as small graphic images into your documents. These icons are vectorized, so you can scale them without losing quality.

Buy Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

Online Pictures is a feature present in Office 2019 that’s reminiscent of the old “Clipart” that existed till Office 2016. But after an update, Microsoft removed it to get replaced by the Online Pictures feature. It now uses the bing search to look at the web for images. You’re no more limited with a propietary set of images previously provided by Microsoft. Also, it’s interface changes, so to work with it you have to click on Insert > Online Pictures. A search bar is provided if you dont prefer to make a selection by category. You can also insert the images that are stored into your OneDrive account.

3D Models are incorporated into your purchase of Office 2019, and they work fantastic. You will spend some time playing with them. When you choose to work with a 3D Model, you will see that a 3D Model Tools appear in your Ribbon bar, where you can set the presets you prefer and also choose to zoom.

If you’ve made changes to a file version, and later you regretted it. You can search for file history and open an older version of the file. This works if you have previously saved your file into your OneDrive account.

Powerpoint comes with a new transition type that’s called ‘Morph’. This transition allows you to show a smooth movement between slides, so it’s basically a straightforward way to deploy an animation in seconds. Powerpoint does the heavy work for you.

Excel comes with 6 new functions: CONCAT, TEXTJOIN, MINIFS, SWITCH, IFS and MAXIFS.

Office 2019 was released in only 2 editions: Standard and Professional Plus. We are currently offering for purchase the Pro Plus release, which by the name you can guess is the more complete and powerful of both including Access. You can read our customer reviews before deciding to buy an Office 2019 key. If any kind of issue is presented while activating or downloading your files, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will provide a solution within a brief timespan.

Ink features are also added, useful if you use a touch device. Going to Ink Tools > Pens you can choose the ink color and width of stroke. You have the option to highlight, delete areas of text,  and written words. Gestures have been improved, so you can use natural gestures to circle something or delete it.

You know have a black interface option to choose. It changes completely the overall color scheme. You can apply it by going to Select File > Options, select General and then select black from the drop-down list of themes.

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Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus Key Genuine Activation License Key – Instant delivery

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus Key Genuine Activation License Key - Instant delivery

17.28$19.20$ (-10%)

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