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WHY STAY AWAY FROM Pirate Software



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Windows & Software Original vs Pirated


WHY STAY AWAY FROM  Designed for Hackers (Pirate Software & Windows)

Using genuine (original) software is very important factor in computer security and defends against Hackers, Virus, Worm, Trojan and other Malware. When we talk about genuine software many people might think about legal issue or global economic effect and these things. Here, I am going to describe why you should care about genuine software.

People who are creating pirate software mostly are interrelated to Hackers. Their process is like this, first they will buy a Genuine version of product because they want to crack it, then they will work on it to crack the code or crack Genuine Protection Application such as (Windows Genuine Advantage in Windows Operating System). They usually have global community, they will teach that how people could do crack and also during cracking process, they will ask their community member for help and they discuss problems that they face during cracking and finally they will crack the software (create illegal copy and you could create copy from that, in Genuine Version if you create illegal copy then it will blocked when you connect to internet). This sample will pass over all criminal members (people who crack) in all over the world, and then they will give it to reseller for free or by a cheap amount of money. After a while these software would be freely available over the internet.

 You should note something that usually big guys, who are the top member of this pirate maker team, are not looking for money. They could sell this software with more expensive price but they don’t and also at the end they put it as free for everyone. What we could conclude here is that they are not looking for money of selling product. Of course they earn some money but main people will not care about that money much. If you used pirate software before or you have experience it, you will see that you could buy one copy with very cheap price and then install it in thousands of PC. What they are looking at is your hardware that will act as server for them.

Let me give you example of one of this pirate software which is non genuine version of Windows Vista. When you use this software it shows you all update and you will get all update similar to genuine one. When you visit http://www.microsoft.com/genuine to check whether your Windows is genuine then it will show you are running genuine Windows. If you show these to anyone that you get pirate software which shows you are running genuine and get all update, they will definitely want it. But let me show you what is really behind it. Firstly, it shows you are running genuine Windows, because you never connected to Microsoft server at all!!!!!!! , in technical term they modify DNS (Domain Name System). When you are typing a URL such as http://www.microsoft.com then it will convert it to something (IP Address) such that it will host in server. By modifying DNS you could type http://www.microsoft.com but it will link you to http://www.hack.com. It is a modify inside your system, that’s why you are always sees Microsoft website but it is something else, criminals modify this pirate software in a way that when you type http://www.microsoft.com/genuine it will link to their website and their website designed exactly same as Microsoft Genuine Website and it will also ask you to download something to verify but everything is fake. They completely modify your OS. About update they also do similar thing for your update, but update patch will assigned with your Windows Activation ID, if you are using pirate software, you never activated it and update might come to your PC and installed but because their Activation ID is different they will not help you. They are certain update that will not need activation ID to work but not all of them.  There are several other ways to fool user that they are using genuine software but they use Pirate one, so be very careful when you buy software. In case of Windows, you could contact Microsoft Genuine team and gain assistance from them.

I explained too long for non-genuine software to tell you that do not fool with people that always say my PC running pirate software everything are fine I get all update and so on. They will never tell you that how many times they format their PC, how much data they have been lost and how many times they have been hacked.

After they give you pirate software, they are usually put some Backdoor and Malware inside your PC, sometimes they did not put any Malware but they will wait for a few month, Microsoft will release security update usually each month, three month they will wait , you don’t get update and they will use reverse engineering (review update that Microsoft released and then try to find a way to find out what was the risk and then find the risk and use it to damage you, if you are update then you are safe but if you are not update they could gain access to your PC) and compromise your PC and here is when story is begin. They use your PC to build a Botnet or Zombie PC, and they use your PC to do their criminal activity and also stole your information. When you use non-genuine software (it is not only Microsoft, it apply to any other Software Manufacture):

You will not pay much money or you don’t pay any money at when you are using pirate software all but you pay these:

1)      Privacy: your family photo, your personal email address, your credit card, your bank account whatever action you do in your PC will be visible to other. You don’t have privacy when you are using pirate software.

2)      Hardware: you are running software on a physical hardware. You will not get full advantage of your hardware resources. Because hackers will use your PC as their server and they use you memory to do heavy process such as cracking password and your PC storage (harddisk) to store their information and your PC to hack your friend’s PC or hack someone else. That’s why , users that are using pirate software always facing performance problem in their PC( PC is too slow)

3)      Security: You install the best and the most powerful Anti-Virus, you are still at risk. People who cracked the Windows (make genuine as non-genuine) are make it as way that it your security software could not help you much even though it be genuine and powerful

4)      Ease of use: In pirate or non-genuine software you always face to problems that are technical, your company manufacturer will not help you at all, because your software is not come from them (pirate Windows is not manufactured by Microsoft, it is manufactured by Hackers). Just you calculate the money and time that you always pay to solve your computer problems.

I know that some people told me that they use Pirate Software but they never connect to internet, my answer is this, pirate software itself will keep going slow and slow and user face to situation that should format PC, in the other hand Malware (Virus, Worm,…) not always come from internet, they could effect you just by inserting a removable storage such as flashmemory or a CD/DVD. And if you keep format your PC so often, your harddisk itself will damage, because formatting is a very heavy process for harddisk and make it often could damage your physical harddisk. If you use Genuine Version of Windows and be following certain rule and regulation, you will never need to format you PC at all.

IT Professional/Computer Security Experts: You will not achieve, secure computing and you could not secure your environment that running pirate software. As I said these software come from hackers, how you could trust software that hand over to you by a hacker?

If you want to do assessment about security, first question that you should ask is this: Are these PCs all running on Genuine Software? Then you look for Firewall, Anti-Virus, update and so on.


Cybercrime is not all about Hackers and Malware, Cybercriminals uses pirate software to do their crimes, fight against Software Piracy is fight against hacker and other Cyber criminals.

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I add some image of Pirate Software (DO NOT BUY THESE) your privacy worth more.

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